Jul 1, 2010

Dear Everybody,

Are you there? Oh, good. This is Marissa. Hi.

I have lots of news. 

First order of business, my bathroom is back! And so is my closet! I have never fully appreciated them before, but after the extended Welcome Back ceremony, complete with banners, balloons, streamers and apple pie (what is a party without apple pie?) they promised that they would never again leave me again. I, in turn promised that I would love them forever, clean them occasionally and give them hugs if they're ever blue (which is much more possible than you think, see below). I'm making more apple pie in celebration of the agreement (and the Fourth of July). Maybe I'll give some to the nice men who put my shower back in it's rightful place.

Unfortunately my back bathroom was feeling left out so it's throwing a tantrum to get back it's share of attention. Bye bye toilet and sink. My bathtub is still there, but not for much longer. The guys will take care of it when they get back from their lunch break. (Don't tell the sink, but the bathtub is really my favorite part of the bathroom. I'll miss you tub!) Maybe I won't give them pie after all.

Because my closet is back my books have returned from exile. These are my books.

Aren't they beautiful? They aren't under my desk.

Next bit of news: My mom--brace yourself now, this is a bit shocking, you might want to sit down--my mom painted our doors purple.


Let me repeat that so it's clear.

My mom
our doors

To go with our bright green/yellow house (which is now also the color of my reinstalled bathroom).

(You can stand back up now, if you want.)

I don't know what has gotten into my mom lately. Color obviously, but why? Not that I object. I like bright color. It's just... my mom hates purple. And has liked white walls for as long as I remember. Now she is going for "beachy" and "Mexican". My neighbors' quiet souls are going into shock. I think it's probably good for them.

You can see why my bathroom is concerned that it might one day be blue.

Last in this list of miscellaneous-ness is that when I was going through my closet today I uncovered my mom's wedding dress and my dad's inheritance. When my grandpa died my dad got a tennis racket and this shirt

All those who think my dad should wear this to his next first day of class, please raise your hand.


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