Jul 12, 2010

I Cannot Go To School Today


Oh, wait, there is no school, is there? Good. Because I'm sick. That and it's still summer and I don't believe in summer school. Kind of like I don't believe in summer homework. And yet I have another two hours worth waiting for me....

I've been neglecting you again. You're awfully easy to neglect.  

I don't mean that in a bad way. You're just not at all demanding. I post something, smile, walk away, and then occasionally think something along the lines of I should post. Then I don't, because there isn't a whole lot to say and it isn't going to ruin anyone's day or my GPA if I continue reading, writing, swimming, or whatever other verb I might be occupied with. Days pass. And eventually I drag myself back to the keyboard and make myself try and be clever. I'm telling you now, today it won't work.

If you're getting discouraged about this blog, fear not. While the possibility of me getting less flaky is not great, Katie should be back tomorrow, so soon you'll have two teenager heads to rely on instead of one.

Girls camp started today. And I am not there. Because I have contracted I Cannot Go To School Today--that sickness where you have an occasional fever and just generally feel lousy but stay relatively painless so long as you're on the couch for every eight out of ten minutes. Due to the dreaded ICGTST I am not at camp today and may, or may not be tomorrow.The good news is that I'll have a lot more time to blog. The bad news is I'll have nothing to blog about.

I'll be honest and say that my heart is not exactly breaking about not going to camp. This is probably the a result of childhood trauma, inclination towards solitude, dislike of high-riding hormones and a fact that I know from experience: I am not a nice person when fed on a solid diet of spam, s'mores and smoked Starbursts, especially when that menu is accompanied by less than eight hours of sleep.

This year I was really working on looking forward to girls camp, though. I am a laurel, YCL, leader. I have responsibility. I have earplugs. I have a little sister I would die for, so surely I could get enthusiastic about girls camp for her. I had gotten most of complaining about camp out of the way before I got there (Sorry, Sister Handcock and Sister Blimes). I was prepared.

But then Mei and I both got sick-and I was spared the necessity of working up excitement and using my earplugs. I consider this to be a happy ending.

I'm going to blame my slacker-ness on my sickness and end the post here, short and picture-less. My apologies and promises that next time I will have something to say, it will be longer and there will be at least one picture involved. I dream big.


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