Jul 2, 2010

An Apology and An Introduction

Hi guys.

This is a sheepish Katie coming back to the blog, if you'll have me. I understand why you wouldn't. I'm an unreliable author. I start a blog and leave, only prooving my existance by changing a picture. I haven't even looked at the blog in, like, two weeks--since the picture changed.

Marissa was apologizing for five days.

I come on my knees groveling, nose pressed to the floor, in sackcloth.

Still not enough?

...I bring bubbles....and funny stories from 6,000 miles away from home....and funny stories from 6,000 miles away from home about bubbles.



Now I can get on with the rest post. Since Marissa has been introducing you to her family, I figured I would introduce you to a bit of mine. Be warned theres a lot of them. As in, we shop regularly at costco, or a carton of icecream disappears after one family night, or I make it a regular habit to hide things like new clothes or rasberry jam. But I figure since I'm on a family vacation I can hardly tell you any of my many exciting stories without introducing some of them. And it would be an injustice to blog about it at all (because we all know that a blog without a pic is unacceptable) without introducing my sister.

Gagun-chan. That's not her real name by the way. That's a nickname.

This is Gagun-chan.

I'm introducing her first because she is my photographer. The vast majority of the pictures not off of flickr that I will post on this blog will be hers. The pics that fit in neither category are taken by her/my camera. (We have a un-ending dispute about the camera's ownership.) She took a digital media class this year, and has taken truly amazing photographs ever since.

She is next to me in both age and obsession with ducks. But other than that she wins at all the things she wants to and the others aren't competition. That's a truly amazing thing about us. The things we really want to excel at are different from eachother, so there's little competition (at least on her part) over things like that. Often our opposite tendencies compliment each other. I eat the cookie of the oreo, she eats the cream. That's not to say there aren't fights, but this is a post about Gagen-chan and I accredit her with the fact that we get along so well. (see below)

Gagun-chan takes her confidence from other things than being better than people. She knows she's good at things, and she lets that be enough. I don't know if her confidence comes from being good at things.  I think that's an admirable quality, one which I wish I had. But I don't. As a person I need to excel in order to be confident. Gagun-chan is very good at letting me be very good. She's good and not smacking me because I get a high off of science fair. She's also good and understanding when my world crashes when I get a B. It is a rare person who will do that. I would smack me if I were her.

This is also Gagun-chan

She is a newly initiated teenager and already she's much better at it than I am. Time at the mall with her friends she counts as 'play'. She's got extraordinary fashion sense, and is really awesome at most things that have to do with visual arts. That includes being able to wear plaid and stripes and still look good. Of course the plethera of silver necklaces featuring birds only complete her lovely outfits.

We shared a room until about three months ago. Now we only share clothes. I like the arrangement because until just recently we hadn't been the same size. And all my too-small-but-I-still-like-them clothes got handed down to her. Now I benefit from her growth spurt (which will soon put her taller than me) and superior fashion sense. It's a good arrangement.

My family has one dog and two bunnies. We have them because Gagun-chan decided that she was old enough to care for animals, and because (at the time) she wanted to be an animal saver when she grew up. Then she learned that there were other things to saving animals than coddling them. Now she wants to be a graphic designer. She still, however, almost solely cares for our dog and two bunnies. I have never fed them, I have never bathed them. I took our dog for a run a few times, but he kept sniffing things, and got tired after a half mile. I don't walk him any more either.

Here is Gagun Chan

She and I don't always get along, but you can't really tell.  Especially in moments like this.  She's on the right, I'm on the left.  We're swinging and there's a beautiful sunset.  This is one of those moments where I might think, one day this will be on the internet, so I need to look pretty and model-esque.  But my chin is up,  and so is hers.  And it's not taken too seriously.  And it's not a model-esque competition.  But I think she's winning, at whatever this is. 

Have a happy day, babe.

Love your guts.


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