Jun 27, 2010

I Just Don't Get Why God Made Ticks

I get the snake thing.
Eve needed a serpent
To tempt her to the apple
To be thrust out of Eden
Into work
And sin
And sorrow
And childbearing.
The snake I get.

The lion makes sense too.
They’re for Daniel
To keep him company on that cold night
To provide their den as shelter
And give warmth
And playfulness.
Lions are for the lamb to lie by.
Lions are good by me.

The locust and frogs were for the Egyptians
To punish them for their selective hearing
Their inability to hear Moses:
“Let my people go”
Their inability to let his people go.
Frogs and locust were annoyances
Forewarners of worse to come.

God created all creatures
And he had a purpose for each one.

The ticks I can’t understand
They had nothing to do with Eve
And Daniel and lambs get no good out of them
And if they’re punishment I’d like to know
What in heck did I do so very wrong?


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