Jun 5, 2010

Mission in Life: Bennington and a Food Processor

We are here to reveal our purpose (cue drumroll). We know you've been waiting. The moment has finally arrived. We stopped procrastinating

So here is the thing, Marissa hatched this master plan while we were hanging out in her backyard being generally unuseful. Marissa started it, Katie picked up the cue and Andrea had to sit there while we developed this mindblowingly awesome sketch out of our lives for the next five years or so. 

The Plan

1. Write a blog. Check.

2. Get people to read our blog. That's obviously started with you (love you Mommy, and Aunt Celeste, Grandma, Megan, and Sister Hancock).

3. Keep in contact, out of trouble and generally avoid insanity for the summer. Because as Brother Orr likes to remind us, we're bad teenagers whose frontal lobes aren't developed. That's why we do stupid, daring things, like Adam Popcorn, writing blogs and... going on walks. Also, today we played with yoyos. But that's new for us. We'll tell you how it goes.

4. As happy as we are that you are reading this, we're kind of aiming for Bennington College's administration/office of admission and Mark Bittman. Bennington so they will think, 'we know these professor's daughters can't afford our katrillion dollar tuition so we'll give them a full ride because they are amazing and wrote a whole blog about how much they love us' and Mark Bittman so he will invite us on his little web show, just like that two year old on youtube. Then maybe we can meet his grandsons and marry them. We aren't pretentious at all. 

5. Go to Bennington. Room together. Have plastic, glow-in-the-dark stars on our ceiling. Own a food processor, so we can make all those things that we can't right now (like sorbet, and lemon tart will be easier too, rolls, bread, crackers, everything) even though we'll only be able to afford oatmeal then.

6. Fly home together, which will make the flights less boring. Maybe we'll bring a food processor as our carry-on, since we'll have become so dependent on it.

7. Graduate, go to our respective jobs. Rule the world. You know, the usual.

Is this possible? Absolutely. Probable? No, not at all. But hey, we're not the most realistic people in the universe, and we pride ourselves in our optimism. When the glass is half empty/half full, we see three quarters full. But then, math isn't our strong point.

All things considered, at least we have a dream, highly improbable though it may be. It is also highly detailed, which we see as a strength. We know what we want.

We want a window seat.

We want a "Dining Hall, the hot entrées are complemented by an extensive salad bar, soups, and freshly baked bread, a wok station, pizza station, pasta station, deli bar, and many other items. "newpic_food_breakfast.jpg

And we want... whatever this is.
Yes, those are balloons.

And we are convinced it is Bennington that can give it to us. That is our master plan, our hearts desire and the purpose of this blog. So if you happen to know Mark Bittman or anyone who works at/goes to or knows someone who work ats/goes to Bennington or else someone who gives out any manner of scholarships (or food processors), do us a favor and casually bring us up in a conversation sometime. The names are Marissa Compton and Katie Orr, A Tale of Two Teenagers.


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