May 30, 2010

If I Was A Duck

This is our first post. Kind of. Not technically. But still.

Ta da. This post we'll be writing rules, because we are rule-abiding people and we need rules to abide by. Just one of those things. Humor us. This is our online blog version of John Locke's (the philosopher, not the Lost guy) social contract. Except it's just us promising. And we're not giving ourselves any punishments if we break the rules, so it's not binding or anything.

We'll talk about why we're actually writing this blog next time, this time is RULES:

1. We promise to post regularly. Of course, we're two teenagers in the twenty-first century, meaning that we've been brainwashed into thinking that we don't have lives unless they include every extra-curricular activity that we've ever heard of and we're going to be hobos unless we have a 4.6 GPA. So regularly might be biannually, but it will be regularly

2. We won't swear, so you don't either, OK? We're Latter Day Saints (Mormon) and so we don't swear, drink, do drugs, have more than one ear piercing or stay out past midnight because that's when the Holy Ghost goes to bed, guys.

3. My little sister's name is not really her first name. Just so you know. We're calling her by one of her middle ones. The only one that you'll actually be able to pronounce. Marie. We also won't use anyone's full name unless we've already checking with them. Or they're Mark Bittman, or the like. And if we're being bratty we'll just say "that girl" or "that guy."

4. We won't be bratty.

5. We will not write posts about waking up and brushing our teeth and picking out our clothes and eating breakfast. We will never tell you about brushing our teeth, unless something really important happened when we were brushing our teeth. Our posts will have a purpose, or they'll be random.

6. We will use spellcheck. You can thank us later.

7. We'll keep exclamation marks to a minimum, because they're annoying (CoughDadCough). We have no promises about parenthesis.

8. We'll tell you who is writing. This is both us, by the way. But Marissa is typing.

You might be wondering what this post has to do with a duck. Mostly we wanted to see if you'd get all the way through it, still looking for a duck. If you are very disappointed that we did not share our many thoughts about what we'd do if we were water abiding birds, then write a comment and we'll write a post about it sometime. If you were really relieved that we didn't go on about ducks, write a comment anyway. Or mark our poll. Yeah, it's just down there. See it?

Love your guts, Katie and Marissa. Over.

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