Jan 18, 2011

strike against capitals

once upon a time...

paradise lived in peace. it was beautiful.
blue water. blue skies. balmy beaches. you know. paradise. it was beautiful and limitless. and insect-less.

but that golden age passed. now we have cockroaches. and centipedes. centipedes are long, striped, ugly things. however, they probably didn't deserve that time i chopped one up (they still live after you do that, you know) and then boiled it, because my friend told me that if you just flushed it down the toilet they would crawl back up.

were you lying, bria?

centipedes turn blue when you boil them. thought you might want to know.

anyway. lots of nasty things came with the fall of paradise's golden age (which may have coincided with the fall of the titan's or eve and adam's expulsion from eden), but perhaps among them most evil were mosquitoes.

my mom told me they probably came in a water barrel. some demented ship brought evil on wings to paradise. demented. it is a good and accurate word, only because sadistic sounds a bit harsh. after all, it didn't know the awful, evil disease it was carrying. so demented will do.

last night mosquito(es) woke me up. three times. three times! there is no evil like that which deprives sleep. I am not a nice person when i'm tired. i get these craters under my eyes that make me look like i'm a druggy (i'm not, i promise), i can't be bothered to make my clothes match or straighten up my hair. i suddenly dislike things for no reason.

like today. today i have a sudden and fierce dislike of capitals and opera music. thought you might want to know.



  1. How about a baby that wakes you up 5 times?
    Sometimes at 3 in the morning I ask the evil question.
    Luckily he turns back into a baby in the morning.

  2. You win Jackson, your sleep-depriver is much more efficient than mine.

  3. I can't find your e-mail. I think you have it under a different name or something. So here I am.
    Guess what! (don't you love how that's never a question?)
    You are going to the state comp in P.O.L.. Let's talk about picking your other poems. You've got a week or something.