Sep 17, 2010

My Corner of the Universe


Today I exercised, had sweet potato fries, did my homework, registered for all my college classes and paid for them. My corner of the universe is tidy, how about yours?

I'm just going to give you the list of things I know I should tell you but don't want to spend a blog post on:

1. I took the ACT. I don't want to talk about it.

2. Alright, fine. It was bad. I was sick. I'm taking it again next month. We should send science and math to a never to be found desert island where it can rot until the end of time. Forever and ever, amen.

3. I get nine hours of sleep and I'm still exhausted. Does anyone know why this is? If you're going to tell me it's because I get too much sleep, I have mono or I eat too much ice cream, then don't. I have already explored the first two possibilities, and if it's the last one I have no intention of it exploring it. There is a reason I eat the amount of ice cream I do.

Sometimes sugar and sanity are synonyms.

4. We are still not cooking in culinary. And I found out that there are two culinary classes and I'm not in Jackson's. Cue the tragic music. (Hi Jackson! You found us! Yes, Mark Bittman rocks and I did know that you were married. When are you coming back to school? Can you adopt my culinary class?)

5. Today in West Wing Danny still wasn't back and they killed my favorite secret service guy. Keep the tragic music rolling, fellas.

6. You can thank Teenager Number One for the beautiful Flickr highlight. She is currently drowning in AP classes (including calculus), so I'm not sure when (if?) we'll be hearing from her. Because calculus is a time, energy and happiness eating monster that only engineers ever use. We can send it to a desert island too.

7. People keep bringing me sugar. I've had three cookies today. And ice cream. And doughnut holes. I'm not complaining, I just don't know what's going on. Either heaven is being particularly attentive or someone is trying to ensure that I won't be running any marathons soon. If you're reading this, person-who-is-trying-to-prevent-me-from-running-marathons, you don't have anything to worry about. But keep the cookies coming.

Alright, my list is complete. I'll get on with my post.

I am now officially signed up for Creative Writing and International(cultural?) Peace Building. My professors did their best to scare me away with multiple textbooks, foreboding syllabuses that start out with quotes from MK Ghandi ("We must be the change we wish to see in the world") and big words I don't know, but I am nothing if not persistent. I am going to soldier through these classes, darn it, even if I have to get eight hours of sleep a night instead of nine.

Actually, everyone was very nice. My professors signed me in with good grace and did not announce to the class that I am still in high school. In fact, Brother Ford was extremely slick about it and (very deliberately) did not look at me when he mentioned my mom. Last week he offered to give me a fake last name too, just so that no one would know who's daughter I was. At the time I just stuttered no, but I went to bed wishing I told him to put me on the roll as "Bond, Marissa Bond," though it doesn't have quite the ring to it that James does.

I am extremely excited about both my classes, though slightly nervous about IPB (peace building) in which Brother Ford took rather too much delight in explaining how he was going to force us out of our comfort zones and 40% of my grade depends on one group project (in... out... in....... out).

My Creative Writing class messes with my breathing too, but in a different way. A class all about creative writing? I can go? Really? Is it Christmas? I've been doing creative writing on my own since fourth grade. I've written poems, essasys, short stories, one full-length story. I've spent hours on the computer or in a notebook and I obsess over nice pens. Please let me write! Please don't completely crush my self-respect. I might be practiced in being humiliated, but it isn't something I excel at. Please...

OK. Whining done. Basically I'm excited about college. No, wait! I have one more complaint. And a teenage girl moment: Why are there no cute guys in my classes? I know, your respect for me has fallen flat on it's face but, really, I'm a hormonally healthy teenage girl, and I would appreciate one or two cute guys. There are plenty up on campus, couldn't just one of them have signed up for creative writing?

No? OK, then. Never mind. I'm going to go eat my cookies now.



  1. I have many comments.
    1. You have been upgraded to teenager #1. Until I see Katie on here, she gets no claim.
    2. Math is keeping you humble.
    3. I can't believe you're not in my food class. WHAT?! I did find out we do almost no cooking, though. So that sucks. Maybe I'll just have to have an after school food class or something. I guess it would have to be at my house.
    4. I'm glad you're in creative writing. I'm excited to read your stuff.

  2. Oh yeah. The most important ones:
    5. I never once heard you mention the existence of boys. This is interesting, this blog thing.
    6. You are GLAD there are no cute boys in creative writing. They always get way too much attention in that class. Especially by the teacher. Even if they're bad writers, everyone thinks it's endearing. TRUST ME.

  3. (Marissa)
    I just realized that I can comment here... I feel powerful
    Jackson, if you start a cooking class after school then I want in. As long as it doesn't conflict with my college classes, NHS, the hiking club, mutual, piano, or any of the other things I some how ended up signing up for. But I'd would drop some of them to be in your cooking class.
    Also: I don't need math to be humble, I have science and a lack of balance for that. And there isn't a whole lot to say about boys. So far they're only interesting in theory.

  4. ALOHA! Mariko told me to come over here so here I am and I'm so happy to see you guys. Give Katie a huge hug. And your mom too. And dad. And Bro Ford. LUB HIM. Tell him that. Peace Studies ROCKS. He's da bomb teacher. And give Sister Marler a hug too. I never had creative writing from her, but I was just like you, every word of it, when I started at BYU-H with Dr. Crowe. It's a party.

    I'm not surprised you're not cooking in culinary. ;) Mariko should switch over fer sure.

    Tatum has AP Calc too. She says she gets it, but I'm with you, send it to outer darkness along with science.

  5. (Marissa)

    Hey! I'm so glad you found us. Brother Ford is amazing. I stress out about that class, but once I'm there I love it. And Sister Marler rocks. I love the textbook for that class even though I know, as a student, I'm not allowed to love any textbooks.

    It is a little sad that we're not cooking in culinary, but I get a lot of homework done in there. Plus, the syllabus says we have a whole section on chocolate later on, so I maintain hope.